Love at First Sight

Love at first sight is a seed of potential.
Nurture and care, to grow love, is essential.
Blossom it will, when the season is right.
A garden can flourish from love at first sight.

The Pelican Poem

The pelican's beak is wide so wide.
He flips a fish from side to side.
And down his throat it slips and slides.
Then up into the air he glides

Autumn Poem

Red and gold and green and brown,
They softly fall upon the ground.
Hiding under litter Rugs,
Are crawling ants and creeping bugs.
Quietly still he sits and stares,
Embraced in Mother Nature's care.



Times to climb and times to slide.
Friends to play and friends to guide.
Take their hands and take a stride.
Into this life, enjoy the ride.

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