Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My Art Process

I love looking at artists work in progress pics and reading about their process, so I thought I'd share the making of my latest piece.

I use Arches hot pressed paper.  This piece is A3 300gsm

First I sketched my idea and outlined in micron fine-liner 005.

Step 1

Next I painted masking fluid over the image.  Then I wet the page and brushed, dabbed, dripped on some liquid ink.

Step 2

Then I rubbed off the masking fluid and added more colour with inktense pencils.  I add water in small sections and often do multiple layers of colour, waiting for it to dry between layers.

Step 3

Now all the base colour is down I like to add a bit of detail and definition with pencil.  I use prismacolour pencils.  It doesn't make a huge difference but I think it just finishes it off nicely.

Then sometimes I like to have a play in photoshop.  This time I added words.  Not sure I've put them in the best position, but that's the beauty of Photoshop, I can change it so easily!


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